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December 17, 2015 The NH Scholars eNewsletter highlights scholarship opportunities, information regarding gold medallions and multiple pathways, as well as NH Scholars Day and the unique alternative date for the AP Calculus Exam. NH Scholars December 2015 eNewsletter

October 29, 2015 – revised Scholarship Flyer – January 4, 2016 In response to the new pathways adopted by NH Scholars for STEM and Arts Emphasis, college and universities in New Hampshire are offering merit scholarships to students achieving this designation. Keene State University, Plymouth State University, New England College, NH Institute of Art, UNH Manchester, the Community College System of NH, Southern NH University, Rivier University, and Franklin Pierce University, among others, are offering significant awards to NH Scholars students. The flyer will be distributed to high schools outlining all of the higher education incentives later this fall. NEC Media Release – Increasing Scholarships to NH Scholars NHIA Media Release – Scholarships for NH Scholars Arts Students

October 13, 2015 Thanks to support from Southern New Hampshire University, nearly 400 students from Manchester-area high schools will attend the College Access Convention on October 13th. Manchester College Access Convention Release_Oct 2015

October 1, 2015 NH Scholars and the College Board announce a partnership in which all students interested in taking the AP Calculus AB or BC exam, can take the exam on May 19th at no additional cost. This enables all graduating seniors in the NH Scholars Class of 2016 the opportunity to attend NH Scholars Day on May 5, 2016 without any conflicts. School administrators should follow the instructions on the letter to order the May 19th AP Calculus exam. 2016 New Hampshire Scholar Day_May 5 Calc_Exception

September 10, 2015 NH Scholars mirrors the Governor’s Bill HB 533 regarding expectations for Math graduation requirements. NH Scholars Math Requirement Explanation_2015 September 10, 2015 NH Scholars Adopts New Achievement Levels NHCUC – 2015 – NH Scholars Release_STEM Arts Students now have the opportunity to challenge themselves even more and be recognized for it. NH Scholars now offers STEM Emphasis and Arts Emphasis pathways for students to pursue.


Archived News Stories:

November 2011 NH Scholars Hits 50 High Schools Salem High School has become the 50th in the state to participate. This initiative, which began with 6 pilot schools just four years ago, is now on the brink of going statewide.

October 2011 College Incentives for NH Scholars Seniors In 2010, 87% of all graduating New Hampshire Scholars seniors immediately enrolled in postsecondary education. Only 52% however, attended college in-state. While this matches the state average, private colleges and universities would like to recognize NH Scholars students for challenging themselves by providing application fee waivers. We encourage students to use these fee waivers responsibly, thus researching the college to ensure proper fit. As always, students should be applying to colleges that are a good fit – not solely because it’s free.

October 2010 Manchester Collaborative Manchester area colleges have partnered with the Manchester area high schools to provide customized college preparatory activities. Students are encouraged to enroll in rigorous coursework and will also have access to opportunities such as college tours, career-specific workshops and leadership development workshops.

October 2010 CollegeAccess Convention Students from Manchester had the opportunity to attend a convention at Saint Anselm College in which they learned how to prepare for, how to apply for and how to pay for college. Experts in these various topics spoke to students about ways to make the most of their high school years and excel in challenging course work.

May 2010 Special Ceremony Held at the State House More than 900 high school seniors were recognized on the steps of Concord’s Capitol Building for their academic success. These students are part of the graduating class of nearly 1,400 New Hampshire Scholars in 2010. Governor John Lynch, Commissioner Virginia Barry, SNHU President Paul LeBlanc and House Rep Emma Rous congratulated these students on their accomplishment. Longitudinal Data Guide New Hampshire has an important piece in place – a longitudinal data system. Learn how schools can use it to their advantage to better prepare and teach students.

October 2007 The Stats of NH’s Students How prepared are students in New Hampshire for life after high school?

October 2007 NH Scholars Participates in College Access Convention Hundreds of minority high school students learn about access, readiness and financial aid. September 20, 2007 New Director Provides Momentum to Program New Hampshire Scholars announces hiring of Scott Power as new director

March 2007 Why Physics? A look at Physics and its importance in the State Scholars Core Course of Study.

April 5, 2007 Are New Aid Programs Working? Inside Higher Ed

March 12, 2007 Adding Eighth-Graders to the Equation Portion of Students Taking Algebra Before High School Increases Washington Post

February 28, 2007 High School Survey of Student Engagement New survey that offers teachers and administrators actionable information on school characteristics that shape the student experience.

February 2006 The Toolbox Revisited: Paths to Degree Completion From High School Through College This Department of Education study finds students with rigorous academics in high school more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree.

January 2007 State Scholars Initiative 2006 Year in Review This year-in-review publication highlights some of SSI’s key achievements in 2005-06, including: SSI’s growth into new States; success in spreading the message about the importance of a rigorous curriculum; and the impact of SSI efforts on individual students and State policies. January 2007 The High Cost of High School Dropouts: What the Nation Pays for Inadequate High Schools A recent policy brief from the Alliance for Excellent Education estimates that high school dropouts would have been able to earn an additional $309 billion in their lives if they had received a diploma. January 2007 The State of American Business 2007 The annual report of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce points out that while the U.S. has a strong economy today, that won’t last unless we address certain challenges; primary among them is improving the education levels of our students, a key to competing in the global marketplace.

October 2006 Reclaiming the American Dream The goal of this report is to identify the supports that appear to make the greatest difference in helping low-income youth enroll in and complete college. Taken together, the findings indicate a clear action agenda for everyone who is committed to improving U.S. schools and the quality of their outcomes for every student.

June 2006 High School Reform andWork: Facing Labor Market Reality. This information will be useful to policymakers defining and promoting high school reform.

Spring 2006 Are They Really Ready to Work?(3MB!!) The study includes results from both an in-depth survey conducted during April and May 2006 and interviews with a sampling of a dozen HR and other senior executives.

March 2006 The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts The purpose of this report by Civic Enterprises is to approach the dropout problem from a perspective that has not been much considered in past studies – that of the students themselves.

March 2006 Powerful Forces Draw Academe Into the Fray The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that economic fears and the high-school-reform movement have colleges under pressure to help improve the education of children. Tough Choices or Tough Times Report from the Commission of the Skills of the American Workforce concerning globalization and the need for moderization of the American school systems skillscommission.org Measuring Up 2006 Measuring Up 2006 consists of the national report card for higher education and fifty state report cards. Its purpose is to provide the information to assess and improve postsecondary education in each state. Closing the Expectations Gap States are working to close the gap between High School graduates and employer expectations Achieve.org The American Diploma Project Network Introduction to the American Diploma Project Network Achieve.org Aligned Expectations? A Closer Look at College Admissions and Placement Tests Achieve.org Crisis at the Core Preparing all Students for College and Work ACT.org 2004 White Paper Prepared High School Students Needed to Head Off Looming Skill and Labor Shortage