The New Hampshire Department of Education (NHDOE) is proud to partner with the New Hampshire College and University Council (NHCUC) to administer the New Hampshire Scholars Initiative. This Initiative encourages students to take a rigorous curriculum to prepare them for a future that will demand strong and flexible thinking skills – whether they decide to start their careers after they graduate or continue their education beyond high school. For those who are thinking about going to college, solid preparation is essential.

The NH Scholars Initiative is consistent with high school redesign efforts in the State and the Department’s commitment to work toward supporting the needs and aspirations of each child personally, physically, socially, and academically. The Department continues to advance the initiative wherein districts, schools, and teachers commit to a personalized education.

Furthermore, NH’s Minimum Standards for School Approval require rigorous teaching and learning standards that necessitate the rethinking of the traditional high school structure. These standards call for learning opportunities that are consistent with grade level expectations, yet are offered within a flexible framework that offer a range and variety of experiences.

Concurrently, the New Hampshire Department of Education has issued a vision document on high school redesign to support schools as they look to implement the new standards. The vision document describes the necessity of each student receiving a rigorous and relevant curriculum of study so that they will be better prepared to deal with the requirements of 21st century citizenship and careers.

The intent of the NH Scholars Initiative is to promote collaboration between educators, policy makers, and business and industry leaders to deliver the message to students and parents of the critical need for increased academic rigor for successful transition to post-secondary and career options. Since it is essential to become a NH Scholar at the beginning of high school, the program pairs business leaders with classes of 8th grade students prior to the selection of their high school courses. The NH Scholars Initiative involves school and community partners to emphasize the relationship of academic preparation to options after high school. Graduating competent students not only benefits our society, but also better prepares students for future careers and citizenship.

These efforts speak to New Hampshire’s commitment to increasing the rigor of course completion and improving post-secondary education and employer engagement. The State is committed to supporting NH’s economy by preparing a better-educated workforce. The New Hampshire Department of Education is committed to the NH Scholars Initiative and will work in a collaborative manner to promote the creation of a system which connects the multitude of programs focused on transitioning competent learners ready for the 21st century into an accessible network.

The NH Scholars Initiative will strengthen New Hampshire’s vision for the future.