Become a New Hampshire Scholar

Graduating as a New Hampshire Scholar has many benefits:

  • Developing advanced academic skills
  • Learning strong decision-making and critical-thinking capabilities
  • Advanced preparation for success in college
  • Better candidacy for certain types of scholarships and financial aid
  • Enhanced opportunities for job placement and advancement with employers

All aspects of life after high school are affected by a student’s overall education, not just their GPA. Employers and colleges prefer people who have completed a demanding Core Course of Study in high school. They understand an average grade in a demanding class means more than an A in an easy one. New Hampshire Scholars receive special recognition for achievements in high school.

Need more reasons?

Preparation for a Better Education – Getting into college is just the first step – the true goal is finishing. New Hampshire Scholars are better prepared for the rigors of college, and finish their education sooner, on average, than students who do not participate in the program.

Big Brains Make Big Money – New Hampshire Scholars are more likely to continue on to college and earn a degree. What does that mean to you? Higher education pays: On average, college graduates earn over a million dollars more over a lifetime than students who only get a high school education. But graduating high school counts too: High school graduates earn an average of 42% more than high school dropouts. And college graduates earn a million dollars more over their lifetime than someone with just a high school diploma.

Better Careers for a Better Lifestyle – Good jobs require advanced training, and the ability to excel. New Hampshire Scholars gives you the groundwork for a better career. If you want a job that will lead to higher earnings, better benefits and the opportunity for advancement you will need to complete a 2-year or 4-year degree, an apprenticeship program, workforce certification or military training. If you plan on working directly after high school, you will still need preparation for further training throughout your career. The New Hampshire Scholars program prepares you for the future.

Giving You the Goods – Future employers in all lines of work agree: Qualified candidates need to have essential skills, including the ability to communicate clearly (written and verbal), the ability to analyze information effectively, conduct research and solve complex problems. New Hampshire Scholars prepares you with these abilities.

Setting the Stage for a Lifetime – New Hampshire Scholars helps students build a foundation for the future, molding candidates into educated and informed citizens with the knowledge and tools to succeed. What you learn now will prepare you for a future of learning, reading, writing, speaking and listening, independent learning, study skills, higher-order thinking skills, and “thinking about thinking.” The world is constantly changing, and we prepare you to handle the changes it brings.

Next Steps

Review the requirements of your State Scholars Core Course of Study, enroll in and pass the courses, and graduate from high school. And tell your parents, teachers, and school counselors that you want to graduate as a New Hampshire Scholar so that they can help you achieve your goals.