Parents are integral to the success of their children’s academic goals. New Hampshire Scholars candidates will prepare a four year State Scholars Core Course of Study plan in the 8th grade with the help of parents and counselors. Parents should work with faculty to insure their children meet the course requirements. Parents have an incredible amount of influence on their children and can help them prepare for their future workforce and higher education goals.

Your support will help to build student’s pride and interest in schoolwork and enhance a sense of educational community and commitment. Making a family commitment to the New Hampshire Scholars Program will ensure that your child is successful in high school and prepared for the challenges they will face in the future.

Why should your child become a New Hampshire Scholar?

Graduating as a New Hampshire Scholar has many benefits:

  • Developing advanced academic skills
  • Learning strong decision-making and critical-thinking capabilities
  • Advanced preparation for success in college
  • Better candidacy for certain types of scholarships and financial aid
  • Enhanced opportunities for job placement and advancement with employers

All aspects of life after high school are affected by a student’s overall education, not just their GPA. Employers and colleges prefer people who have completed a demanding course of study in high school. They understand an average grade in a demanding class means more than an A in an easy one. New Hampshire Scholars receive special recognition for achievements in high school.

How can I support the New Hampshire Scholars Initiative?

  • Talk with your child about your expectations and encourage them to follow through with the New Hampshire Scholars Core Course of Study. Continued support is essential to the student’s development.
  • Become a New Hampshire Scholars volunteer – make a presentation and talk with students
    Dial not and perfect a, nothing
  • Join with other parents, business owners and community members to develop
    innovative ways to keep students motivated and encouraged to complete their course requirements.
  • Share about the New Hampshire Scholars program with your colleagues and business associates. Engage your local business organizations in supporting the New Hampshire Scholars at your school. Spread the word!
  • Provide incentives for New Hampshire Scholars through internships, scholarships and retail discounts.