The NH Scholars Career Pathway is for all students to expand on their traditional learning style. This pathway aims at evaluating student success through the professional skills and experiences the student has learned. With that in mind this pathway looks different from the original pathway in the sense that it is not just about completing the required courses or maintaining a certain GPA. Each student will need to demonstrate growth through hands on experiences and professional skills.

Below are several resources for you including; an updated NH Scholar Pathway Requirements, a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the formal announcement. We piloted this pathway in several schools beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year.  All schools are welcome to adopt this pathway.

In addition to the original Scholars curriculum, Career Pathway Scholars will:

• Successfully complete one of the following: Approved NH CTE Program, Industry-
Aligned or Career-Driven Extended Learning Opportunity, All Sequence
Components in Formal Career Pathway Program of Study, CCSNH Industry
Certificate Sequence
• Successfully engage in a Work Based Learning Experience
• Successfully earn one of the following: College Credits, Industry Valued
Recognized Certificate, or Postsecondary Hours