The School Coordinator is the organizer, bringing Business and Community leaders to the classroom.  These resources are available to help you organize your meetings and inform those who are involved. When a school signs on, they will receive a flash drive with all kinds of templates, information and cutomizable files. There’s no need to re-create the wheel, we have it done for you. If you need a new flash drive, please contact

Year End Reports:

* Year End Report Due May 1, 2017 – NH Scholars Senior List_Template_2017

or the Google Doc link is here:

Middle School Powerpoint Presentation

The Powerpoint is to be used when conducting classroom workshops to middle school students. To receive a free CD Rom for use during your presentations, please email Scott Power at The disc will include the Powerpoint complete with suggested notes and speaking points. Click here to view the most updated presentation (or here for a version complete with speaker notes – choose ‘save’ to view notes). This will take a few seconds.

Materials to Help Coordinate the Program (the links below will be reactivated soon).

Checklist for School Coordinators NH Scholars Pathways and Flyer
Tips for Presenters NH Scholars Program Highlights – 2017
Agenda for Business Leader Presentations Business Leader Invitation for schools use
Sample Schedule for Presentation Day  4 YEAR PLANNER- Pathways Template
NH Sample Parent Letter Sample Volunteer Invitation for Schools
Business Volunteer Flyer NH Scholars Scholarships and App Fee Waivers – 2016

What are other schools doing with businesses?  Take a look:
NH Scholars Business Education Best Practices_2016

 Blurb for Middle School web sites
PRESS RELEASE For Recognition Events June 2011
School Community press release
Possible SSI Remarks for Senior Award Nights
Blurb for school web site

Click here for the “How-to-Guide” for creating business partnerships with your school district.

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